Today we traveled to Mackenzie Creamery in Hiram. While we were there, we got to learn about the process of making goat cheese, about local foods and about how we can help give back to the community.

At the creamery, we got a tour of where the milk is turned into cheese. Unfortunately, the location that supplies the creamery with milk was not able to do so today, so we did not get to see the actual process of where they make the goat cheese.

Inside the house, we all stuffed ourselves with delish food, supplied by the farmers at the house. We all filled our mouths with kish, apples and warm cider! Everyone loved it.

After everyone was full, we got to listen to interesting stories about the community and how these people impact it every day. One of the reoccurring themes of the conversation was for us to “find your passion and talent.” Some of the people there found it when they were younger, some found it in their middle age, and one found it at the age of 61! What all these people have in common is that they all found their passion to be with food, and more specifically with local food.

An interesting conversation about local foods.

This conversation related to what we read for homework the previous night, and what we discussed in the morning. Buying local foods is something very beneficial to the community. First of all, it creates relationships between people.  By knowing people in the community, one can get quick access they need. They might say “now that I have a good relationship with the farmer down the street, he can be my go to guy for all the things I need”.  Secondly, if you buy locally, you can support the local farmers economically. By becoming a regular customer you can give a steady stream of money to these people to support their businesses.

After the creamery, we went to an orchard to look at not only where they grow things like apples and pears, but also where they store them and make cider! Once we got back to school we all enjoyed a great peach cobbler, and all buckled down to work on our cookbook projects.


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