My Thanksgiving was a traditional Thanksgiving. We had a turkey, mashed potatoes, spinach, rolls, cranberries, pies etc. While capturing this moment i realized that my family is very old fashioned, we like things to be traditional, but sometimes traditions need to change. They get boring after awhile, so this year will most likely be the end to the “traditional dinner”. While taking pictures of this event it made my family realize how boring the “traditional” way was.  So we sat down to eat and talked about how we could make it better next year. We would keep the pies because in my household Thanksgiving screams pie, but for the main course we would switch it up; we would have something non traditional, something exciting. This would be our way of “changing it up”. The most meaningful thing i found about Thanksgiving was the football, cards, and games that took place before the dinner. The Thanksgiving football and the Macy’s day parade are two of the meaningful things that we will do every year. Every year we wait to see Spongebob come floating down 5th Avenue and Santa on his slay. Before the dinner we sat down and played a long game of cards while waiting for the turkey and while watching the football games. Spending time with my family for once and not doing homework. Having the time to actually sit down and have a solid 2 hours of relaxing were all the meaningful times of my Thanksgiving. Since Cleveland’s weather has been cooperating my i also had a chance to go outside and shoot baskets. The meaningful times of Thanksgiving are the times that we get to spend with our family, both in the meal and what we do before. This was a traditional Thanksgiving, but next year will be very different because we are putting away the traditional things and bringing out things more exciting, and more non traditional.

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